We are Daniel and Meagan Wanschura, a brother-sister team who head up the operations at Northern Lights Media. NLM was founded in 2009 with the creation of our first short film, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Stolen Carbuncle. Growing up, we jumped at every chance we could to be involved in all sorts of dramas. From Christmas plays to dramatic readings, you name it, we loved it.  Throughout high school, we competed in the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association, and deeply enjoyed the creative outlet it provided. Now, we are in our senior years of college at Thomas Edison State College, both studying communications. Although time is more scarce now for media projects, we relish every opportunity we have to create something meaningful, redemptive, entertaining, and most importantly, God-honoring.

This blog will serve to keep our audience up-to-date on our current projects.

Contact us for more info!

Daniel: danielwanschura@gmail.com /// 651-207-7651

Meagan: meaganwanschura@gmail.com /// 651-207-7184

  1. Mom says:

    Nice, very nice. I could update your picture for you sometime! Love, Mom 🙂

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